Medicus LIS


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Midlynx Robust LIS

This LIS is different from the rest. Midlynx Robust is powerful, comprehensive, and compliant.

We have taken point, click, and save to a new level with our customizable technology. All results including manual tests, send-outs, and testing that are performed in your lab are collated and documented and are EMR-ready.

Our patient history records are created with patients and providers in mind. View past and present results and even record future testing orders. QC data and graphs make inspections easy and accurate.

You make the rules and we follow them to help make lab data processing much easier.


  • Connect 3 instruments
  • Expand to add 3 more lab instruments and reference lab results
  • Enter test orders or receive from EMR
  • Add manual test results
  • Review, accept and send results to EMR
  • Quality Control
  • Historical and current patient lab result tracking
  • Comprehensive printable reports
  • Includes on-site installation and training
  • One-year warranty