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Whether you need a simple way to connect your lab to your Electronic Medical Records or a comprehensive lab information system, we offer products that help create a paperless environment, save time and reduce errors.

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We understand your needs whether your lab is waived, moderate or highly complex.

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[ seamless connectivity ]

The Paperless, Practical and Precise Way to Link Your Lab.

Medicus LIS solutions deliver a seamless connection between your laboratory instruments and your EMR. Now, ordering lab tests, receiving and reviewing results, and sending approved results to EMR can be done with point-and-click efficiency. No more paper reports. No more data entry errors. No more patient specimen mix-ups. With Medicus, lab results are correct the first time, every time.


An Innovative, Intuitive, Flexible, and Cost-Effective LIS.

Our LIS products provide features that let you order tests, run patient specimens, receive results, review, accept and send results directly to EMR. All you have to do is point, click and follow the prompts for foolproof data accuracy. Providers never have to search through paper records to find current or past lab results. They’re all logged and saved by Medicus. Now you can view all tests run per patient, print and compare information to the tests that have been billed.



[ accurate reporting ]

Lab to EMR Integration – Accurate Results, Faster Patient Outcomes.

LIS solutions simplify the tedious task of populating patient electronic medical records. Whether the tests are run in-house or at a reference lab, Medicus ties it all together. Providers can expedite patient wellness while ensuring that all tests run are billed efficiently.